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affresh®  Coffeemaker Cleaner

Fight hard water deposits and mineral build-up with NEW affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner to keep your coffee tasting great!

Over time, your coffeemaker can build up limescale deposits, affecting the taste of your coffee and brew time. No need to mix, measure or stir! Affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner utilizes a convenient tablet for a powerful clean without the odour of vinegar. Compatible with all multi-cup and single-serve coffeemakers.

How to Use

Multi-Cup Coffeemakers:

Step 1: Fill the reservoir with water.
Step 2: Drop 1 tablet into reservoir.
Step 3: Run 1 brew cycle (or clean cycle if applicable) into brew pot
Step 4: Discard dirty water from brew pot.
Step 5: Run 1 brew cycle using fresh water to rinse the coffeemaker. 

Single-Serve Coffeemakers:

Step 1: Fill the reservoir with water
Step 2: Drop 1 tablet into reservoir.
Step 3: Run 2 brew cycles selecting largest cup size, discarding water between brews.
Step 4: Empty remaining water from reservoir. 
Step 5: Fill the reservoir with fresh water.
Step 6: Run 2 additional brew cycles to rinse the coffeemaker.


Available at the following retailers

Atlantic Superstore

Canadian Tire


Extra Foods

Federated Co-op


Home Hardware


London Drugs


Maxi & Cie

No Frills


Real Canadian Superstore


Save Easy

Sobeys (Western Canada only)

Sobeys Ontario


Your Independent Grocer


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