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Clean with confidence using our expert advice on appliance care and household cleaning. Help your washing machine and kitchen appliances look newer, smell better, and perform well by cleaning them with affresh® appliance care products.

A family moving into a house. Two kids carry a box toward the house, a woman is about to remove a box from the back of a van filled with boxes and a man tilts a dolly with a box on it.

A Move-In Clean For Your New Home

Cleaning a house before moving in can help you get a fresh start. Learn how to conduct a move in deep cleaning and get tips from affresh®.

A person drops an affresh® washing machine tablet into a front load washing machine.

Affresh® Washing Machine Tablets? | What's In Them?

What’s in affresh® tablets that gets your washing machine so clean? A powerful combo of ingredients help remove odour-causing residue and leave a fresh, clean scent.

Calendar overlays a clean kitchen with a dishwasher and stove.

Tips to Make a New Year’s Appliance Cleaning Routine

Get a fresh start to the New Year! Our appliance cleaning tips are a great way to refresh and deep clean your appliances after the holidays.

A clean empty dishwasher in a kitchen.

Guide to Cleaning a Dishwasher

Keeping the inside of your dishwasher cleaner helps maintain machine performance. Here’s how to clean a dishwasher with affresh®.

Someone wipes clean an induction cooktop with a light blue dish cloth.

Helpful Tips to Clean a Glass-Top Stove

Inevitable spills, boil over and burnt-on messes on your glass stove or cooktop can be easily and safely cleaned with affresh® cooktop cleaner. Here’s how.

Three packages of affresh products: affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, affresh Dishwasher Cleaner and a bottle of affresh Cooktop Cleaner

How to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning

Need some spring cleaning tips? Follow along with our spring cleaning checklist to get ideas, tips and tricks for creating a clean home.

A person cleaning a washing machine.

A Guide to Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Periodically clean your washing machine with affresh® tablets to get rid of grime and odour-causing residues. It’s easy.