A Move-in Clean For Your New Home



There are few things as exciting as moving into a new home. It’s a fresh space that you can decorate and renovate to fit your style and taste. Before you remove a single box from the moving truck, you need to make sure that every room in your new home is sparkling clean. An empty home offers the rare opportunity to deep clean every corner and baseboard and to tackle certain areas that often go neglected. A deep move-in clean needs to be done right. That’s why we’re here to help guide you through the process, so you can have the clean home that you’ve always dreamed about.

Create a Move-in Cleaning Checklist

A move-in clean is different and more thorough than the average clean, or even your normal spring cleaning routine. Working with an empty space makes cleaning easier and lets you get right into closets and tight spaces while also properly cleaning all surfaces and your carpets. We recommend using this time to clean your laundry and kitchen appliances. This will help ensure they look and smell their best and are able to work as intended. The first step of your deep clean should be to create a checklist. Start by listing every room and then break down the specifics of what needs to be cleaned per room. 

Move in Deep Cleaning for Every Room

A woman wipes down a shelving unit with moving boxes in the background.

The whole moving process can be overwhelming. While your home is still empty, inspect each room to determine what needs to be cleaned. Take note of which room is carpeted and which feature tile, hardwood or vinyl floors. 

Once you’re done, you will know how to clean the floors of each room. Next, you should wipe clean every surface. This includes window sills, blinds and ceiling fan blades. Don’t forget about baseboards and vent grates as these are known dust collectors and cleaning them can improve your home’s air quality.

Once the surfaces are cleaned, it’s time to focus on your floors. Start with vacuuming your carpets or hard floors. Then, deep clean each floor with the appropriate cleaner. Solid floors can be cleaned with a mop and a cleaning solution mixed with some warm water. Carpets may need a carpet cleaning appliance or a professional steam cleaning. Make sure you don’t bring in and arrange your furniture until your carpet is completely dry.

Deep Cleaning the Bathroom Is an Absolute Must

A woman wipes down a bathtub.

Bathrooms need a lot of attention prior to moving in (and regularly after too).


Get rid of any grime as it will make the room smell and look better. It can also help minimize mildew, soap scum and other common issues that plague the bathroom.


Start with your shower/tub area using a mild cleanser that’s safe for bathtub surfaces like tile and vinyl. Once you are done cleaning it, give it a good rinse and then wipe with a soft cloth until it's dry. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the fixtures, especially if the area is prone to hard water buildup. You want to use a cleaner that can help remove this build-up without damaging the metal.

Now, it’s time to clean the other parts of your bathroom. You should clean all the counters, the sinks, the mirrors and any medicine cabinets. Don’t forget the light fixtures above the bathroom mirrors. These can get covered with dust and grime. Lastly, scrub the toilet bowl and wipe clean the seat, lid and other surfaces with a mild cleaner and a damp soft cloth.

Your Laundry Room Needs to Be On Your Move in Cleaning Task List

A person wipes down a washing machine control panel.

If you have an empty laundry room, you should clean it before installing new your appliances. You should clean the floors, wipe every shelf, counter and surface, as well as the outside of your washer and dryer.


Cleaning the interiors of your appliances can be tricky but it is necessary. First on your checklist should be cleaning your dryer duct, either by yourself or by hiring a professional. The next step is to hook up your dryer and clean the lint screen.

To clean your washing machine, you should wipe down the outside of the appliance with a soft, damp cloth. You also want to clean the inside of your washing machine. Washing machine cleaning tablets from affresh brand help you clean the wash tub, the pump and valve, behind the basket and drum, the agitator or filter, and the drain hose. Formulated to break up dirt and residue, affresh® washing machine tablets are designed to deep clean both top load and front load washers.

Learn How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Move-in Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

A person applies cooktop cleaner to a glass cooktop.

Most people find the kitchen to be the toughest area to clean. It features multiple surfaces and numerous appliances, each with specific cleaning instructions. Luckily, some appliances are engineered to clean themselves to a certain extent. For example, many ovens have a self-cleaning function that eliminates the need to scrub stains. All you have to do is remove the oven racks and press the “self-clean” button. Best of all, while your oven gets rid of stains and burnt-on food on its own, you can soak and wipe down the oven racks to remove the grease and grime.

Before moving into your new home is a great time to clean your cooktop. When cleaning a glass stovetop, you should use the appropriate equipment and products that can remove tough substances and residues without scratching the surface.

One such product is affresh® cooktop cleaner, which is formulated to help remove baked-on food and spills from your cooktop, leaving it with a streak-free shine.

A person places a dishwasher cleaning tablet in the detergent dispenser.

The last step of cleaning your kitchen is to clean your dishwasher. Dishwasher cleaner tablets, like those from affresh® appliance care, can clear limescale and other pesky minerals from your dishwasher’s hoses, spray jets and other surfaces. These tablets can also clean the areas you can’t see like the tub, racks, pump and valve, drain and recirculation hoses. Performing a move-in deep cleaning is like giving this hardworking appliance the fresh start it deserves. While your dishwasher runs its cleaning cycle, you can clean your microwave and refrigerator. To clean your microwave, use a soft cloth and vinegar to wipe down the interior. Next, clean your microwave’s turntable with warm, soapy water.

You can use the same method and process to clean your refrigerator. Before installation, clean the condenser coils, wipe clean each interior wall with vinegar and a soft cloth, and then remove and clean the drawers and shelves with warm, soapy water. You want to make sure they’re dry before you reinstall them. This is also a good time to replace your refrigerator’s water filter, if needed. Once you’re done, turn your attention to wiping down the door(s) and handle(s) with a soft cloth and mildly soapy water. Please note that If your refrigerator has a stainless steel finish, it’s best to use a specially formulated cleaner.

Make Move in Deep Cleaning Easier With affresh® Appliance Care


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