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How To Tackle Your Spring Cleaning



What’s better than having a clean living space? After waiting out the long winter cooped up inside your home, it can be really satisfying to engage in some spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning allows us to declutter, clean under furniture, remove allergens, and make sure there aren’t any dust bunnies lurking around.


Spring cleaning is also a way for us to refresh our homes before the next snowfall.

Spring Cleaning Checklist From affresh brand


If you’re new to spring cleaning or looking to up your game with some new and nifty tips and tricks — Affresh brand is here to help.


Before breaking out your mop and pail, review this list, which can help you prioritize where to start and which tasks are most important to complete.


Enjoy this spring cleaning checklist that covers everything you need to clean every room and every appliance in your home.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Every Room

A person dusting wooden window blinds with a cloth.

Make sure you dust these items and places:


• Shelves

• Lampshades

• Blinds

• Curtain rods

• Window sills

• Ceiling fans

• Electronics


Once your furniture is dusted, you can give it a nice polish.


Next, you should vacuum and clean every floor in your home.


Make sure you do the following:


• Vacuum tiles, hardwood and carpeted floors

• Steam clean or shampoo carpets

• Wash or dry clean rugs

• Mop hardwood floors

• Wipe down baseboards 

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Living Room


• Polish all your wood furniture

• Clean the upholstery

• Wash all slipcovers or you could choose to have your upholstery professionally cleaned

  • Clean the throw pillows and throw blankets

  • Wash the curtains or have them professionally cleaned

• Clean the remote controls and all other surfaces that tend to get touched a lot.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen


Appliances are known dust collectors so you want to thoroughly clean each one.


• Clean your oven

    • If your oven has a self-cleaning cycle, then turn it on. If not, clean the oven cavity with a solution comprised of baking soda, vinegar and water.

• Clean your stovetop

   • For gas stoves, you need to properly clean the grates and burner caps.

   • For glass-top stoves, use a cooktop cleaner as this will remove residues that have been baked onto the surface.


• Clean your countertop appliances

• Clean your kitchen cabinets, counters and shelves


• Clean your microwave

   • Wipe clean your microwave, inside and out, and don’t forget the turntable. 

   • Make a cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar in a bowl.

   • Microwave the solution until there is steam.

   • Remove the bowl once it has cooled

   • Dampen a cloth with the solution and wipe clean your microwave.


• Clean your refrigerator

   • Get rid of old or expired food.

   • Take out the fridge drawers and shelves and wash them.

   • Wipe down the interior walls with vinegar or some soapy water.

   • Defrost and then clean the inside of your freezer.

   • If needed, replace your refrigerator’s water filter

   • Clean your refrigerator doors and handles.


Clean your dishwasher

    • Remove your dishwasher filter and give it a good clean.

    • Wipe the door and handle


    • Run a cleaning cycle with a dishwasher cleaner tablet. You could also choose to use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

A person cleaning a glass stovetop with affresh.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Dining Room


• Clean upholstery

   • Vacuum or clean the chair cushions

   • Wipe clean the chairs and dining room table

   • Wash the curtains or have them professionally cleaned

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom


• Declutter every cabinet

   • Get rid of all expired makeup

   • Drop off all expired medications at a secure location

   • Get rid of all expired personal care products


• Clean personal care items

   • Replace your toothbrushes

   • Clean your hair brushes

   • Clean your combs

   • Clean your makeup brushes


 • Clean the bathtub and/or shower

    • Descale the showerhead and wipe it clean

    • Wipe clean all surfaces

    • Clean the tile and grout


• Clean the toilet

   • Scrub the toilet bowl

   • Clean the toilet seat


• Clean the counters and the sink

   • Wipe clean the counters

   • Wipe clean the sink and fixtures

• Clean the mirror using a specialized cleaner

• Wash or replace the shower curtain liner

• Wash the bath mats

A woman wiping down a bathroom sink with a spray cleaner.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Laundry Room


• Clean your laundry appliances

    • Clean your washing machine

    • Run a cleaning cycle with a washing machine cleaning tablet or you can use bleach.

   • If you have a front load washer, wipe clean the rubber gasket and the inside of the door.

   • Wipe clean the outside of your washing machine

• Clean your dryer

   • Clean the dryer vent

   • Clean the lint trap

   • Use a damp cloth to wipe clean the outside of your dryer

• Wipe down all surfaces 

A person placing an affresh washing machine tablet into front load washing machine.A woman wiping down a bathroom sink with a spray cleaner.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom


• Declutter 

• Organize your storage spaces

   • Go through your clothes and shoes in your closet, drawers and other storage spaces

   • Donate anything you haven’t worn in awhile

   • Reorganize whatever items are remaining


• Wash all bedding

   • Flip or turn your mattress

   • Clean your sheets

   • Clean your comforters and duvets

   • Clean your pillows

A woman putting a clean sheet onto a bed.

Use These Spring Cleaning Tips for the Other Areas of Your Home


• Wash every window with a specialized window cleaner

• Replace all the air filters


• Wipe clean all surfaces

   • Wipe clean every shelf

   • Wipe clean all the door handles

 . • Wipe clean every light switch


• Replace the batteries and light bulbs, if needed

   • Replace the smoke alarm batteries

   • Replace batteries in remote controls as needed

   • Replace light bulbs in any room if needed

A woman wiping down a shelf.

Learn What Some of Our Favourite Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks Are Below:

A clean living room with a couch, a footrest and a coffee table.

When Is It Best to Start Your Spring Cleaning?


Spring cleaning can be exhausting but it’s worthwhile.


We recommend starting when you have a full day or two to commit to cleaning every room.


Weekends are best or you can take a few days off from work to make sure you can clean without being interrupted.


Our last bit of advice is to not get too hung up on the word “spring”. You can give your home a deep clean any time of the year.

What Are Some Good Spring Cleaning Tips for Appliances?


It’s always a good idea to use the built-in cleaning cycle that your appliances already have.

Many appliances are equipped with pre-programmed cleaning cycles that operate while you’re taking care of other spring cleaning tasks. Of course, some appliances don’t have a cleaning cycle function. In this case, you can select a normal wash cycle and use affresh®️, a specialized appliance cleaner that can help remove buildup.

It’s important to clean your appliances. Soil, oil, grease and detergent can build up over time in your washing machine and your dishwasher. This can cause odours and impact cleaning performance. Additionally, hard water minerals can build up on surfaces, which can impact the water flow in the dishwasher jets or the various components of a washing machine. Appliance cleaners are effective because they are specially formulated to dissolve both detergent buildup and mineral deposits. Ultimately, they help keep your appliances working (and smelling) great.

How Can I Maintain a Clean Home All Year Round?


Scheduling is key to maintaining a clean home. Establish a routine to ensure that you can stay on top of cleaning tasks based on how frequently they need to be completed. You can use a physical planner or put reminders on your phone’s calendar. It’s all about staying on top of your weekly and monthly cleaning.

It’s important to tailor your cleaning schedule to your needs and your life. For instance, some families may need to clean their floors twice a month, while others may decide that monthly is enough. Monitor your family’s daily routine to determine how frequently you may need to do certain cleaning tasks. Also, remember that the holidays or family gatherings may require an extra clean once your guests have left. These events are good times to evaluate the cleanliness of your home or to create a cleaning schedule that you are confident you can maintain all year long.

Remember, some tasks can be delayed or ignored if needed, while others need to be cleaned on a more rigid schedule like dishes and clothes. You want to make sure you clean items like dryer filters after every load and frequently clean dishwasher filters and that you set aside time every month to clean your major appliances. Sticking to this routine can help keep the appliances you rely on every day looking great and performing as needed.

A washing machine dial set to the clean washer setting.
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Spring Clean Your Appliances With affresh® Cleaners


Whether you’re deep cleaning your living room or just sticking to your routine, affresh®️ cleaners can help keep your kitchen and laundry appliances in excellent condition. Our Kitchen and Laundry Cleaners include everything you need to clean washing machines, dishwashers and more. Browse our range of tablets and other appliance cleaners today!

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