Helpful Tips to Clean a Glass-Top Stove



Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, you’ve probably experienced a pot boiling over or splatter from a simmering tomato sauce.

The question is, how do you clean your glass-top stove so that all the burnt-on bits are removed without scratching the surface? Luckily, there’s affresh®cooktop cleaner, which is formulated to remove build-up and cooked-on spills while also safeguarding your glass-top or ceramic stove top from nicks and scratches so that it can retain its smoothness and shine.

Clean a Glass Cooktop Without Scratching the Surface


Generally speaking, glass-top stoves are easier to clean than other styles like open burner electric or gas stoves.


To clean your glass-top stove, you should only use a warm, damp cloth and then dry it with a towel. It’s best to clean your cooktop after each use to ensure that no splattered sauces or bits of food will caramelize onto the surface, creating a much tougher mess to clean.


You tend to juggle a lot of things when cooking. This means it’s common for a pot to boil over and result in stains that harden over time on your glass cooktop. A clean and simple wipe won’t get it done and you need to say no to steel wool, a scouring pad or any sponge with a rough surface. Any of these can permanently scratch glass.


You need a cleaner designed to cut through burnt-on residue and one that can also clean and polish your glass-top stove without leaving a single streak.

Steps to Clean a Glass Top Stove


Here is what you should use to clean a glass cooktop:


• A bottle of affresh® cooktop cleaner

• A cooktop scraper

• A non-abrasive scrubbing pad

• A soft, dry polishing cloth, either a microfiber or lint-free soft towel should work.


The first step is to confirm that your stove is cool. If your stove has an indicator light, make sure it’s off. If it’s not, wait for the light to turn off and then start cleaning. The trick is to not wait too long as certain stains can harden the longer they remain.


To clean your glass-top stove, follow these steps:

Use a scraper to remove burnt-on food debris from the cooktop.

Step 1: Remove All Crumbs and Food Residue


Wipe clean the stove with a soft sponge or cloth. The goal is to remove all the crumbs and as many bits of food as possible.


Use a scraper to remove burnt-on food debris from the cooktop.


Step 2: Remove Burned-On Food


With a cooktop scraper, remove any cooked-on food from the cooktop.

Squeeze affresh cooktop cleaner liquid onto the soiled area.

Step 3: Use affresh® Cooktop Liquid Cleanser


Give the bottle a good shake before you begin.


Then, apply the cleanser right onto the areas with the burnt-on food.Let it sit for several minutes so that it soaks into the burnt-on food and loosen it.

Use the glass or ceramic stove top safe pad or cloth to scrub in circular motions.

Step 4: Scrub the Glass Cooktop


Rub the soiled area with only a paper towel or a dry cloth.

Someone wipes clean an induction cooktop with a light blue dish cloth

Step 5: Polish the Glass Cooktop


Wipe clean the cleaner with a warm damp cloth, and then buff the surface with a soft dry cloth.


If some stubborn bits of burnt-on debris remain, you should repeat step 3. Once complete, place warm wet towels or paper towels so that they cover the surface and let them sit for roughly 30 minutes. Remove the towels and use the cooktop scraper to remove the remaining food debris. Then complete steps 4 and 5.

Never Use these Items to Clean Your Glass-Top Stove


Never use the following items to clean your glass-top stove:

• Rust remover
• Steel wool
• Ammonia
• Abrasive powder cleansers
• Chlorine bleach

It’s always a good idea to store a bottle of affresh® cooktop cleaner with your cleaning supplies. This way, you’ll have it on hand to quickly take care of any stovetop messes before they stain.

Even if you don’t have a mess to clean up, use affresh® cooktop cleaner monthly to help give your glass surface a clean and streak-free polish and shine.

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