A Guide to Cleaning Your Washing Machine



There is a misconception that washing machines clean themselves and do not require maintenance. Luckily, you don’t have to add another laborious chore to your list. Cleaning your washer is safe and simple with affresh® washing machine cleaner tablets.

Causes of Mildew Smell in a Washer


Are you aware of what’s hiding inside your washing machine? Over time, odour-causing residues can accumulate in the washer due to grime and odour-causing substances. Affresh® washing machine cleaner was evaluated against soap scum, dirt, grease, lint, water minerals and fabric softener soils to help with the removal of these relevant soils and residues. Typically found in moist areas, this residue can provide a breeding ground for grime that accumulates over time.


This buildup can live behind the gasket of your front loader, in the drum, under or around the lid or door and in your dispensers — even in parts you can’t see. Without proper care, this buildup can create a mouldy or mildew smell.


Grime and buildup from your washing machine can also cling to your clothing, leaving a musty odour. A dirty washing machine can make it difficult to get clean clothes.


By deep cleaning your washer with affresh® cleaner, you can help remove the grime and residue that can build up over time in machines without proper care, causing odours.

How to Clean a Washing Machine with affresh® cleaner


Perhaps you've heard of home remedies for cleaning your washing machine using vinegar or baking soda. Cleaning hacks can come in handy in a pinch, but you could end up having to measure and do several cycles. When you want to get the washer's smell out, you want it to be simple and quick. And we're here to help. Imagine dropping a tablet into your washer, pushing start, and walking away. How easy is that?

Washing Machine Cleaning Steps


Affresh® tablets are formulated to help reduce odours in your washing machine. Affresh® washing machine cleaner uses time-released tablets that are designed to clean inside all machines, including HE (High Efficiency). While the wash cycle is running, the tablet dissolves slowly, releasing powerful cleansers to help remove build-up.


Here’s the simple process to use affresh® cleaner:


Step 1: Prep Your Washer and Add affresh® tablet

Remove any clothing or other items from your washer. Open package of affresh® washing machine cleaner tablets. Place one affresh® tablet inside your empty washing machine (not the dispenser).


Step 2: Start Your Washer

Select Clean Washer cycle if your washer has one or Normal or Heavy cycle and Hot water temperature.To ensure the proper cycle selection, consult the Use and Care Guide for your model. Start the washer.


Step 3: Wipe Away Residue

To remove any residue, use a clean microfiber cloth. Due to the time-release nature of the tablets, some may remain in the tub at the end. That's normal. Simply remove it with your microfiber cloth.


Step 4: Repeat if Needed

If your washer has not been cleaned in more than six months, or if there is excessive residue buildup or odour, repeat the cleaning process. Up to three consecutive cleaning cycles may be required in extreme cases.


With affresh® washing machine cleaner, there’s no mixing, measuring or pouring required to get your washing machine clean and shiny. 

Affresh® washing machine cleaner does not contain harsh chlorine bleach and is made from EPA Safer Choice certified ingredients. It’s safe for septic systems as well as municipal water supplies.


affresh washing machine tablet

How Often Should I Clean My Washer to Avoid Buildup?


For best results and consistent cleaning, use affresh® washing machine cleaner monthly or every 30 wash cycles. Keeping up with your washer cleaning means you don't give residue a chance to accumulate in the machine.


Helping to keep your washer from smelling bad is as simple as these tips:


  • When you're not using your washing machine, keep its lid or the door open. Thus, the drum will be able to ventilate more readily and fully dry, reducing your chances of getting mould or mildew.
  • Each time you finish your laundry, wipe down the inside and outside of the rubber gasket on your front-loader.
  • Clean the detergent dispensers of your washing machine once a week.
  • Schedule your monthly affresh® washer cleaning on your calendar so you don’t forget!

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